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Vibrators are purchased and used worldwide by a wide range of open minded sexual people. Shut out the day's distractions and let your imagination run WILD! Our safe sex products make a wonderful addition to any toy collection.
Adult Videos
These playful, naughty and saucy adult dvds collections are sure to get the party started in your pants! All sure to create quite a memorable impression at the next stag or bachelorette party, college graduation, or your create your own gooey, sticky, sexy mess! You will have to wash your mouth out with soap after you're done giving this box of hard candy.
Male Sex Toys
Tune in and get turned on! Enjoy your new world of erotic possibilities! Male Sex Toys are a useful tool, that can temporarily extend your manhood and increase flow to the penis.
Rabbit Vibrator
The Rabbit Vibrator has been unanimously chosen as the "best vibrators" out of 40 different vibrators on Playboy!

Dual controls with reverse rotation and powerful multi-speed vibrations.

Adult Sex Toys

Adult Toys is a softer name for sex toys. Another related name is marital aids, often used as a euphemism for Adult Toys, although marital aid is broader as it can also be applied to devices and herbal aphrodisiacs which increases sexual desire or prolong sex.

An Adult Toy is any object or device that is primarily used in facilitating human sexual pleasure. The most popular Adult Toys are designed to resemble human genitals and can be vibrating or non-vibrating.

The most popular adult toys vibrators and dildos are primarily used by women. Medically, very little research has been done on sexual issues among women in the past, although this appears to be changing. Yet women experience sexual dysfunction at a much greater rate then men. Many women's issues regarding sexual satisfaction can be traced back to foreplay or being prepared. Women simply take longer to reach peak arousal than men. Many of the adult toys today are designed to enhance foreplay, or bring about a woman's arousal more quickly.

Women are, indeed, the main buyers and users of sex toys, but that doens't mean that toys are for women only During partner sex, many couples play with vibrators, dildos, and other toys and enjoy it immensely. In addition, toys for men can enhance sex for him and you.

Many women enjoy sex toys because they can extend foreplay and allow more time to warm up to sex and become fully aroused. In general, men become aroused more quickly than women. But not always. If men feel stressed, or distracted, or preocupied with other things, they may take a while to switch gears and become fully aroused. In addition, as men age, the instant erections of youth become slower-rising erections of life after 40. Sex toys allow men to play their way into full arousal, rather than fretting about it.

Toys for men can also enhance women's experience of sex. Toys encourage sexual playfulness and creativity. Many women complain that men lack these qualities and want to move too quickly into intercourse. But when men use sex toys, they generally become more playful and less preoccupied with intercourse Products targeted to men can make your time in bed more fun and less stressful.

Sex Toys are purchased and used worldwide by a wide range of open minded sexual people - women and men; sexy singles and couples; gay,lesbians, straight, transgendered and bi-sexual.